What is Made Up Food?

First off this is a NOT a blog about imaginary food – it is a blog about real food for people with real lives. Real food I “make up” as I go along and really eat. I do this a lot when things are super busy and I don’t have time to really cook. But the food you will find here is 100% real.

So, when I am overwhelmed by all my work work and all the life work that needs to be done, what do I do? Start a new project of course. And so on a particularly hot hectic day in August this blog was born. I decided that there can never be too many blogs about Life Hacking or food so I started my own and hope you find a useful tidbit or two in here.

The inspiration was tonight’s dinner. My husband teaches classes several nights a week and I am a work-a-holic web person, so cooking falls pretty far down the list of to-do items as does shopping for food sometimes. This has led me to be adventurous and try out some interesting combinations of items that are at hand. I mix a little of this and a dash of that and call it a meal. A “made up” meal. I try to use what I know and what I know I like as a guide and discover in the process some sort of underlying principles as to what makes items taste good together.

I have a true love/hate relationship with food, and that goes for all phases, shopping, cooking and eating. I am an impatient person by nature so what you will find here will generally be fast and easy to prepare with no meticulously crafted recipes. What you will find are edibles that when thrown together are decently delicious (or not) and maybe some ideas for a healthy-ish quick fix it food when you are too pooped to ponder or go to the store. And just for laughs I will post my conspicuous failures as well.

Always on the look out for something fresh and tasty, I’m hoping others will add their experiments and success to this blog so that I can try ‘em out. Philosophy about food prep and ingredient combining equally welcome. If this sounds like you, too and you want to share what you have come up with as a regular author shoot me an email at cookin@madeupfood.com