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zenaWhile celebrating the one year anniversary of Zena, the warrior kitty’s, new home with our neighbors Kassy and Victor we were served Martha Stewart style Hors d’oeuvres that Kassy concocted on the spot from what she had on hand. The tiny bites of dates, avocado and cheese toasted on crackers were delish.

This led to my bringing up this blog, at which point Kassy whipped out the cutest little handwritten recipe book just chock full of made up food goodness. Well, you can draw a straight line from there to officially welcoming our newest made up foodie, Kassy Daggett.

I can’t wait to see what she posts!

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#1 Kassy on 03.17.10 at 10:28 pm

Hey there Food Fans! I’m looking forward to sharing a few things from my little book sometime. In the mean time I concocted something tasty yesterday. All I had for conjuring up a lunch while we were at the coast was a hard boiled egg, a 1/2 a cucumber, some celery, and some pickled beets. It was POURING and neither of us wanted to go out so… I peeled and sliced the egg length wise in 1/4s. Peeled the 1/2 cuke and sliced it in 1/4s. Then cubed the beets and arranged everything nicely with chunks of celery. Drizzled some beet vinegar over it, topped it with a dollop of mayo, some S&P to taste, and garnished it with a celery top. Called it “Stoplight Salad,” Red|Yellow|Green and gorgeous!

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