Made up drink: the Fauxito

Made up food includes made up drinks, and as I generally have a pretty pityful bar stock I do tend to get even more creative in this area.

Ok, I’m pretty sure I’m in no way the first to invent this but its a lovely limey “damn its hot” Sunday evening beverage when you want a mojito but don’t have any rum:

the Fauxito

  • In a highball glass muddle 10 mint leaves with about a teaspoon and a half of sugar.Loosen this up with a small splash of bubbly water (club soda, seltzer etc. – I used talking rain plain).
  • Add a bunch of ice and the juice of 1 and a half fresh squeezed limes.
  • To this add a jigger of gin and top off with the fizzy stuff and a stir. garnish with cute mint leaves and enjoy.


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